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Don’t wait until they take over

Bed bugs can be extremely hard to get rid of. When it comes to eradicating them, you can depend on us for this service. You can expect hard work until the job is done.

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• Bed bugs found in the creases of mattresses

• Bed bug bites

• Bed bugs exoskeletons after molting

• Rusty colored blood spots on mattress

• A sweet, musty odor in the room

• Bed bug fecal matter on the bed

Signs of bed bug infestations:

Just because they are common, doesn’t mean you want them sleeping with you at night. They are definitely an unwelcomed guest in anyone’s bed. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, call us.


Do not wait until you are driven crazy and want to leave your home because of these critters. Call us at the first sign of any bugs in your bed!

Bed bugs are common


Call for immediate attention!

626-331-7288 or 909-592-2069


We treat your home like it’s our own!