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Don’t wait to clean up bee messes

When it comes to taking care of removing and cleaning up bee and wasp messes, call us to get on it right away! Waiting will just help to attract more bees and wasps along the way.

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• You hear buzzing

• You notice nests

• You see holes in your wood

• People or animals are getting stung

• Bees coming out of your home

Signs of bee problems:

Although bees and wasps may not sting unless they are provoked or handled, they can still be potentially hazardous, especially to those that are allergic to them.


Bees and wasps are a nuisance. Call on us today to come and take care of this for you. While your remedies may work temporarily, you need something that will keep them away for good.

You will find a permanent solution


Protect your home. Call now!

626-331-7288 or 909-592-2069


We treat your home like it’s our own!