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Protect your biggest investment – your home!

Termites can be hard to detect for people that may not have experience with them, especially if there is not a major infestation. Call us out to look around for you!


• Mud tunnels

• Cracked or distorted paint

• Groups of winged insects

• Thinning wood

• Frass, or termite poop

• You see the termite nest

Signs of termite infestation:

Termites are a problem no matter where they are. If you notice any of these wood chewing pests, or signs that you may have termites, give us a call immediately.


You could be facing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if you delay treating termites. Not only will our services eradicate them completely, but also keep them from returning.


Termite prevention is important


You will have peace of mind.

626-331-7288 or 909-592-2069

We treat your home like it’s our own!